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your CSP business in 2012

The CSP markets in Spain and the USA are now becoming established and the industry has more clarity on expected growth. However there is still a lot of hype clouding the growth potential for CSP in new emerging markets. To achieve success on the global stage, it is now vital for the industry to get a grasp on the real trends shaping these markets in order to define new opportunities and assess likely threats.

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The CSP Markets Report provides you with the facts, data and analysis you need to get ahead of your competitors and achieve growth in global CSP markets

  • Identify the countries that are about to experience explosive CSP growth with our exclusive 5 year forecast of global CSP markets
  • Access the facts behind the hype: find out which markets have the right combination of incentives, investment, electricity demand and solar resources with our CSP Markets Scorecard
  • Get an exclusive insight into developers’ strategies, where they’re building and who they’re partnering with in our in-depth analysis of CSP industry trends
  • Technology trends: get data and analysis that shows how Tower and Fresnel technologies are gaining ground on Parabolic Trough as more efficient, innovative technologies become more established
  • Insightful analysis of more than 15 CSP Markets including emerging growth markets such as South Africa, India, Chile, Saudi Arabia and the UAE as well as the better known US and Spain markets
  • Get an insiders’ view of the CSP industry with our in-depth interviews with senior CSP experts and our wide-ranging survey of more than 600+ industry executives, scientists and academics

Get ahead in your CSP business with access to top analysis, accurate data and comprenhensive guidance on CSP markets

' I found the CSP report to be very useful as it provided a very clear and current explanation of what is happening within the CSP industry. I particularly enjoyed the section on the latest announcements, which was explaining the projects that have been announced in the different countries, as well as the regulatory changes that have occurred. In addition information on CSP is quite hard to find since this is a market that is still evolving and growing and this report covered the market side of CSP very well '


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