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CSP Today Sevilla 2013

7th International Concentrated Solar Thermal Power Summit

12-13 November, Sevilla

Sorry you missed CSP Today Sevilla 2013 – you can still benefit from the exclusive conference data

CSP Today Sevilla 2013 took place on 12-13 November in Sevilla, with over 400 attendees discussing the future of the CSP industry in the international scene.

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Look beyond the electricity market to industrial CSP applications and expand your international pipeline

CSP Today Sevilla 2013 has hosted for the 7th time to help you discover the leading role that CSP will take in the oil and desalination industries. Attendees met European and international delegations from Saudi Arabia and Jordan to seize new upcoming project opportunities. 

Delegates gained rare insight into a variety of market opportunities to adapt your business strategically with information on:

  • Industrial Applications - Learn how to match energy strategies from:
    • Sea Water Desalinationa - Understand how CSP can provide both power and steam for desalination processes and place your business strategically in this industry to stop fresh water shortage
    • Enhanced Oil Recovery - Analyse the upcoming potential for the CSP industry in EOR applications and diversify your projects to provide the right service to extend the life of oil fields
  • International Markets - Understand the next steps to follow in Saudi Arabia and Jordan´s solar plans to win the upcoming proyects in these markets
  • EU Electricity Market - Hear from leading EU experts on how CSP plants across the Mediterranean can help to meet Europe´s energy demands so you can turn your plant lucrative beyond national markets
  • New Spanish Regulation - Get the latest updates on the lobbying and legal milestones to protect your CSP business and plant profits in Spain 

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Very good conversation with relevant people

Abengoa 2012

Learn about CSP and industrial applications to develop new projects

Leading experts in the desalination and EOR industries shared their knowledge, including: 

  • NEW: John Van Scoter, CEO, eSolar
  • John O´Donnell, VP of Business Development, GlassPoint
  • Antonio Casañas, Key Account Manager, Dow Water & Process Solutions
  • Karen Stummeyer, Desalination Expert, Fichtner
  • Manoj Divakaran, President & COO, Empereal 

Get the presenations and audio of the experts from desalination and EOR industries

Evaluate the real opportunities in the international electric markets

Opportunities in Saudi Arabia: Obtain first-hand information on how the solar plan will develop and how to make local partnerships

  • Michelle Davies, Head of Clean Energy and Sustainability Group, Eversheds
  • Alexandre Allegue, VP Business Development, Sun & Life
  • Elisa Prieto, Director of Strategy, Abengoa Solar

Jordan Delegation: Acquire valuable information on the TiF for CSP in the country from local experts

  • NEW: HE Eng. Wijdan AlRabadi, Commissioner, Electricity Regulation Commission- Jordan
  • Muhieddin Tawalbeh, Head of Rational Use of Energy & Solar Thermal Division, National Energy Research Center- Jordan

Pan-European energy market: Listen to Mediterranean leaders on how CSP can feed the European electricity demand

  • André Merlin, CEO, MedGrid
  • Luis Jesús Sánchez de Tembleque, Chair of Environment, Renewable Energy sources and energy efficiency, MedReg Mediterranean Energy Regulators 

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Catch up with the CSP leaders and stay ahead of your competition

Attendee heard from and met with senior level executives leading the way in the CSP space to ensure projects in the the Middle East, South Africa and the United States.

The latest confirmed CSP experts that will be sharing their expertise include:

  • Luis Crespo, President, ESTELA
  • Michael Geyer, International Business Development, Abengoa
  • Joe Desmond, Senior Vice President, Brightsource Energy
  • José Manuel Nieto, Founder & Director, Proyectos y Bioenergía
  • Jan von Drathen, Head of CSP, E.ON

Join the CSP leaders and shape the future of the industry - get the conference materials to learn their perspective on the future of CSP

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