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CSP Today Sevilla 2014

8th International Concentrated Solar Thermal Power Summit

12-13 November, Seville

Sorry you missed CSP Today Sevilla 2014 – you can still benefit from the exclusive conference data

CSP Today Sevilla 2014 took place on 12-13 November in Sevilla, with over 200 attendees discussing the future of the CSP industry.

If you want to hear every debate, see every presentation and benefit from the wealth of invaluable market insight, it isn’t too late

The keys to CSP plant optimization uncovered

Now in its 8th edition, CSP Today Sevilla has helped bring the international CSP community together like no other event in by giving the industry an unparalleled platform to share knowledge and do business.

This November all of the industry will meet in Seville. Highlights of this year's event include:

  • Keynotes from the CEOs of ACWA Power, Abengoa Solar and ACS Cobra
  • O&M insight from the directors behind landmark Spanish and international plants
  • An exclusive view on faulty components as well as the latest advances in utility scale CSP technology

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Get an unprecedented view on CSP development with expert keynotes from:

Paddy Padmanathan

Paddy Padmanathan
President and CEO
ACWA Power
José Alfonso Nebrera

José Alfonso Nebrera
ACS Cobra
Armando Zuluaga

Armando Zuluaga
Abengoa Solar
Luis Crespo

Luis Crespo

It´s a great opportunity to meet the most important companies of the sector and those who are taking on the global market

Aries Ingeniería y Sistemas

Increase your competitiveness at CSP Today Sevilla 2014 by:

  • Comparing projects from diverse markets such as South Africa, Morocco, India, and the USA and get the international benchmarking you need to be cost competitive in your project development
  • Learn from the directors behind landmark CSP plants, who have written the manual for O&M in the industry to get the most out of your plant
  • Uncover what critical components have failed in plants in operation to adjust your mainteinance strategy for uninterrupted operation
  • Getting the information you need to solve your plant´s biggest challenges such as intermittency, avoiding stoppages, automation, distributed control systems and troubleshooting
  • Hear the latest R&D innovations that will dramatically reduce your LCOE from receivers and HTF to storage and supercritical temperatures

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Top companies speaking include:

ACWA PowerAbengoaACS-CobraACS Cobra

Get exclusive information on plant behaviour and O&M to ensure maximum profitability

Listen to O&M experts with unparalleled experience in CSP, discussing topics concerning plant behavior on different CSP technologies. Learn how to deal with the common issues arising in plants and ensure the smooth running of your project for years to come. This year at CSP Today Sevilla you will enjoy:

  • A panel with the top O&M directors addressing common issues in the running of their plants and optimize your performance
  • Experts presenting on unique landmark plants such as Gemasolar and Puerto Errrado 2 explaining plant behaviour and giving the techniques needed to maximize the production
  • Discussion of the unparalleled CSP Today investigation on plant components in major subsistems that have failed in plants that are in operation

Key Speakers in O&M Include:

  • Eduardo de la Hera, O&M Director, Cobra
  • Juan Ignacio Burgaleta, Consultant Engineering Division, SENER
  • Isaac Hernández, Plant Director, Puerto Errado 2

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CSP Today is comprehensive and informative. What is happening in the CSP world,
is reflected in Seville.

Rioglass Solar

Build your successfull business plan for 2015

Get key information at CSP Today Sevilla to build your strategy for the future and ensure the success of your project execution with:

  • CSP thought leaders´ panel: get the vision of industry leaders for the present and future of the industry and make the right bets for the future
  • Get the perspective on project development of leading experts and learn how to best execute projects all over the world
  • Learn the latest LCOE reductions from components  and research by the industry's leading international institutions

Key Speakers include:

  • Paddy Padmanathan, President & CEO, ACWA Power
  • Armando Zuluaga, CEO, Abengoa Solar
  • José Alfonso Nebrera, CEO, ACS Cobra
  • Luis Crespo, President, ESTELA
  • Eduardo Zarza, Head of Solar Concentrating Systems,Ciemat-PSA

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Excellent conference and excellent networking posibilities. Absolutely not to be missed.

Nur Energie

Meet the movers and shakers in CSP with the best networking in the industry:

At CSP Today Sevilla 2014 you will get unparalleled opportunities to meet with the industry's leading companies. If you are seriously looking to grow your business book now and take advantage of:

  • 20+ hours of networking with industry leading executives with coffee breaks, lunch and the exclusive CSP Today Awards Gala Dinner!
  • Dedicated zones so you can arrange and host private meetings outside the conference room that will help you achieve business objectives
  • Start setting up your meetings early with access to our online networking centre two weeks before the conference - fill your conference diary beforehand and you will come back to the office with the knowledge and contacts to move your business forwards in 2015 and beyond

Great conference to meet face to face with suppliers and professionals in the business. I made contact with people that were integral to my company's business


This 12th-13th of November mark your calendar for CSP Today Sevilla 2014 to benefit from the unparalleled knowledge of industry leaders and leave with the contacts necessary to propel your business to unprecedented growth in 2015 by registering to the congress today! 


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