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About the Authors

The Global Concentrated Solar Power industry Report 2010-2011 is the product of collaboration between CSP Today a leading business intelligence organisation and Altran Technologies, a leading consultant with first hand experience of operating CSP projects.

Juan Manuel Martín Torres has been an Aeronautical Engineer since 2002 and working in Solar Energy for 6 years. His role at Altran Technologies is Technical Director of Solar, a branch of the firm devoted to the development of Solar Energy Projects. During these six years Juan Manuel has taken part in over 30 projects related to the research and development of various CSP technology such as solar trough and Stirling Dish frame driving systems. These projects have provided Juan Manuel with an in-depth knowledge of both the CSP market and CSP technology.  

Nuria Garzas López is a Telecommunications Engineer who is expanding her expertise into the environmental sector by studying for an Environmental Sciences degree. She has focused her career on renewable energy, specifically solar, and now has over three years experience working on solar projects. She has first-hand experience working on photovoltaic energy, thermal energy, CSP and energy efficiency. In 2008, she developed a state of the art CSP project. Since then, she has continued to work on CSP technology and delve deep into nuances of the CSP market.

Carlos Márquez is head editor and research manager at CSP Today. Carlos role involves analyzing the trends that have underpinned the growth of the CSP industry in major markets such as Spain and the USA. Carlos is also following with keen interest the development of emerging markets for solar energy in the Middle East, North Africa, India and China. These markets will be the subject of upcoming CSP Today reports. Carlos wrote his post-graduate dissertation on the Competitiveness of the Spanish CSP Market.

About Altran Technologies:
Established in 1982, Altran is widely recognized as a European leader in providing full service expert consulting solutions in multiple industries. Encompassing all disciplines from technology & innovation to organization & information systems and strategy & management.

For more than 6 years, Altran Technologies has succeeded in advancing the solar energy sector through developmental activities in the entire CSP (Concentrated Solar Power) value chain, from R&D Technology through Innovation and Product Development. Including such projects as the Parabolic Solar Collector Trough, Solar Stirling Dish and Solar Energy Storage Systems, included in these projects are new product concepts utilizing best practices, know how and technologies from mature industrial and scientific sectors.

The principle tasks in the area of CSP plant development are Due Diligence, Engineering Ownership of CSP projects, Engineering and Technical Assistance for plant development as well as the new configuration and optimization of current CSP plants including the addition of control and monitoring systems.

For more information about Altran's consulting services, contact:

David Pérez López

Tel (Dir.): + 34 91 270 03 55
Móvil: + 34 660 612 610
Fax: + 34 91 415 61 53


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