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The Global Concentrated Solar Power industry Report 2010-2011 provides you with the latest information on the thriving Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) industry, including essential cost and performance data on the four main CSP technologies: Parabolic Trough, Power Tower, Fresnel and Dish Stirling.

This independent report written by leading experienced CSP industry consultants combines the very latest market data and high-level analysis with captivating real life case studies of up and running CSP plants.


In this latest 200 page report you’ll find: 

  • Exclusive CSP industry growth forecasts until 2020 – find out how many MW of CSP will be installed of each technology in the next decade and the projected growth in three major markets: USA, Spain and Australia
  • Reliable data on the current costs of CSP – get the breakdown per plant component including all four main technologies: Parabolic Trough, Power Tower, Fresnel and Dish Stirling
  • In-depth information on key performance indicators - including annual electricity yield, operating temperature, efficiency, capacity factor and water consumption and land requirements
  • Unbiased insights into the key barriers and drivers to the CSP industry growth – find out what factors underpin the growth of CSP in every market  
  • Strategic overview of the CSP Market - including the latest data on installed CSP capacity by developer and region
  • Detailed analysis of the CSP value chain - offering you a clear picture of the industry structure and the  leading companies in this space
  • Up-to-date cost and performance comparisons - discover which technology is more likely to dominate the CSP market in the next decade
  • Critical thermal storage integration data – in depth analysis on the merits of different storage technology options

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Currently there are 679 MW of installed CSP capacity worldwide and more than 2000 MW under construction. The USA is the market leader in terms of installed capacity with 63% market share, followed by Spain with 32% of operating capacity. These two markets will continue to be crucial for the development of the industry into the next decade, with Spain accounting for the largest share of projects under construction with almost 89%. In terms of the technology employed, the market is dominated by Parabolic Trough technology, which accounts for 88% of operating plants and 97.5% of projects under construction.

The solar field represents the largest share of the cost of any CSP plant. Depending on the technology this cost could vary from around 43% for Tower and Fresnel technology, to almost 60% for Parabolic Trough and Dish Stirling CSP plants. The most significant cost reductions are likely to come about by innovations in solar field design, which could bring down the levelized cost of energy (LCOE) by 15 to 28% depending on the technology.

Experience in Spain has shown that the electricity demand curve almost matches the electricity production curve of a CSP plant. Seasonal variations in solar resources have an effect on the number of hours a CSP plant operates, reducing operating time by almost two hours in winter. This problem can be mitigated by using thermal storage technologies, which would allow CSP to generate electricity during cloudy periods and through the night.

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