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Invaluable cost information to assess the financial viability of your Parabolic Trough CSP investments

This vital report offers you comprehensive analysis of the costs of Parabolic Trough CSP. Based on information gathered from more than 50 interviews with industry executives and rigorous scientific analysis, this report is your exclusive guide to understand the cost of CSP.

Understanding how to achieve the most energy at the lowest cost from parabolic trough CSP is vital as parabolic trough accounts for more than 98% of total operating CSP plants and 70% of plants under construction. This is the only report focused exclusively on the Costs and Performance of Parabolic Trough CSP Plants

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This report will enable you to use key statistics and case studies to apply to your own project, including:

  • Identifying the different factors that drive the cost of CSP
  • Understand the different collector designs available in the CSP market
  • Find out how the costs of Parabolic Trough CSP could evolve in the next decade
  • Identify CSP Parabolic Trough Projects Worldwide, where they’re happening and who’s building them

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This is the only report focused exclusively on the Costs and Performance of Parabolic Trough CSP Plants

You won't find this information available anywhere else. We know at CSP Today how important - but how difficult to find - good CSP analysis is. After all, its our business. But within this report you'll find completely impartial and insightful information to guarantee the development of a successful CSP Parabolic Trough strategy.

This report offers all of that, with thorough and concise analysis supported with easy to digest graphs, illustrations and tables

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CSP Parabolic Trough Report: Cost & Performance
Format: Secure PDF
Pages: 85 pages
Price: $1995
Author: Frédéric Bussières
Alberto Cuellar