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Plan your business strategy for CSP investment with in-depth analysis of global CSP market conditions

Special focus on South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, USA, India, Chile, China and UAE

CSP Today’s Markets Report 2014 responds to the most critical needs of the CSP industry, representing 6 months of research (primary and secondary) and culminating in 385 pages of high-quality data and analysis, including 90 figures and 150 tables.

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Identifying Industry Needs:

Based on 25+ research calls with industry executives and survey responses from 300 + CSP players, CSP Today uncovered:

  • The markets most attractive to developers, EPCS, suppliers and financing bodies
  • Information gaps and needs within those markets


Eight major markets stood out: South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, the United States of America, India, Chile, China and the United Arab Emirates. Within these markets, respondents wanted to know:

  • CSP project pipelines 
  • Who the main players are in each market, how much support there is from the government for future deployment, who the main financing firms are active in that market and how robust the local supply chain is in each market
  • The potential for industrial CSP applications within these markets
  • A long-term outlook of what can be expected from these markets within the next ten years

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Methodological Approach:

  • Project pipelines: making use of the CSP Today Global Tracker, all project data is industry validated and taken from August 2013, providing detailed information of projects announced, planned, in development, construction and operation.
  • Local CSP ecosystem: Building upon the knowledge of local authors and peer reviewers, each market has either been written or reviewed by on-the-ground players active in the local CSP market.
  • Markets Forecast: Key influencing factors were identified and weighted to analyse their impact on the future growth of the market until 2024.
  • Expert Analysis: This report has been researched and written by a team of highly-qualified and impartial industry experts ensuring that only the highest quality, most relevant and digestible analysis is published.

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Regional Authors & Peer Reviewers

  • South Africa Chapter (excluding forecast): Prof Alan Brent, Assistant director of the Centre of Renewable and Sustainable Energy Studies CRSES, Stellenbosch University
  • China Chapter (excluding forecast): Cayetano Hernandez, Country manager, China at Sun2Markets
  • Arnold Leitner, founder and ex-CEO of SkyFuel, reviewer for the USA chapter
  • Geetanjali Patil Choor, CEO, Energy Guru®, reviewer for the chapter on India
  • Gianleo Frisari, Analyst, Climate Policy Initiative, reviewer for the Chapter on Morocco

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