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International CSP Week 11-15 November, Sevilla

Take part in the International CSP Week for a complete industry experience

This year, CSP Today is pleased to launch International CSP Week – an all-inclusive program designed to equip your business with a holistic understanding of the market and an unprecedented amount of networking time.

Throughout the week you will have the opportunity to access:

  • CSP Today Sevilla - the conference for markets & applications, and CSP Today Enhanced Plant Engineering for design, constuction and O&M
  • An exclusive site visit to Plataforma Solar de Almería to see the next generation of CSP technology first-hand
  • Unmissable site visit to the 150MW parabolic trough Extresol CSP plant built by ACS Cobra
  • CSP Today Awards dinner to celebrate the industry's international achievements and get enhanced networking

And the best bit is - you get a common networking zone, joint breaks and an enhanced exhibition - meaning you'll meet everyone over the week.  Here is what to expect at the two conferences:

CSP Today Enhanced Plant Engineering 2013

12-13 November


Get breakthrough design, construction and operational techniques and adapt to any market for optimized performance and reduced costs

This is the only event to tackle the real engineering issues in new CSP projects and existing plants.  With plant efficiency and cost reduction more critical than ever, you will get case studies, data and strategies to design a more competitive plant. It is the perfect mix of O&M performance and on-the-ground technological problem solving

To see more information on what you will learn, click here

Who is this event for?

This event is for developers, plant directors, project directors, O&M managers, R&D specialists, engineers, researchers and technical experts.  If you are currently maximising a new or existing plant's performance, this is for you.  25+ experts in CSP plant design, O&M and optimization will be speaking, including:

  • Eduardo Zarza, Head of Solar Concentrating Systems, Ciemat-PSA
  • Juan Ignacio Burgaleta, Technology Director, Torresol
  • Juan Manuel Vizcaino, O&M Director, TSK
  • José Manuel Suárez, R&D Director, Cobra
  • Manuel Millán, Project Manager Owner’s Engineering, Tractebel GDF Suez

See the complete speaker list here

Who will attend?

At past events, CSP Today Enhanced Plant Engineering had the participation of leading developers such as Abengoa, Acciona Energy, Cobra Energy, E.ON and SolarReserve. Additionaly, EPCs, top technology suppliers and researchers took part in the event.

This year, you will get the exclusive opportunity to meet and hear from experienced plant directors and O&M managers from trough, tower, Fresnel and solar biomass plants.

54% of particpants in previous years were Engineering, Technical, Plant Directors or O&M Managers.

Get full details on the companies you will meet at the conference here

Top reasons to attend:

  • Optimization and O&M Masterclass – experienced plant directors and O&M managers from trough, tower, Fresnel and solar biomass
  • CSP expertise in international markets sharing details so you can break into international markets
  • CSP technologies and innovations that will help you reduce your LCOE and stay competitive for years to come
  • Exclusive industry panels and extended Q&A sessions with CSP leaders as ACS Cobra, E.ON, Novatec, TSK, Torresol and more!
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CSP Today Sevilla 2013

12-13 November


Look beyond the electricity market to the next generation of industrial CSP applications and expand your international pipeline

CSP Today Sevilla is the premier international CSP conference in which the most senior and C-Level executives gather to discuss the future of the industry. This year the conference will cover the opportunities in emerging markets and industrial applications.

To see more information on what you will learn, click here

Who is this event for?

CSP Today Sevilla 2013 will be attended by C-Level/President/Director and Business Development executives. Everyone responsible for taking the company to the next level and improving its international pipeline will benefit from the event. Expert speakers helping you access new markets include:

  • Luis Crespo, President, ESTELA
  • Yara Anabtawi, Director- Business Development Renewables, ACWA Power
  • Michael Geyer, International Business Development, Abengoa
  • Ibrahim Altisan,DG Manger, Saline Water Conversion Corporation- KSA

See the complete speaker list here

Who will attend? 

CSP Today Sevilla attracts leading developers such as Abengoa, Acciona Energy, E.On, BrightSource, Solar Reserve and more.  Also in attendance are EPCs, technology providers, investors and utilities.

The conference attracts international delegations - in 2012, officials from lucrative new markets such as Chile, India and South Africa presented their opportunities for CSP. This year will not only welcome new delegations from Saudi Arabia and Jordan, but also industrial customers from the mining, oil and desalination industries. 

In 2012, 80% of participants were C-Level/President/Director, Head of their CSP sector or Senior level managment.

Get full details of the companies you will meet at the conference here

Top reasons to attend:

  • All the hottest markets in one place - as a truly international event you´ll get to meet representatives from the top CSP markets around the globe including Saudi Arabia and Jordan
  • Industrial customers – stay ahead of the game, meet the next wave of CSP customers represented at the summit and learn about their energy demands
  • 20+ hours dedicated to networking – on top of coffee breaks benefit from online networking before the summit, intimate site visits and glamorous CSP Today 2013 Gala Dinner and take every opportunity to increase your pipeline
  • Be a CSP leader – in its 7th year running and with over 550 executives in attendance, this is summit where your contribution can shape the industry and your business
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