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The Summit Agenda

Day 1 | Day 2

Day One – September 30


Conference Organiser’s Welcome


Chairman’s Address


Arnold Leitner, SkyFuel


KEYNOTE PANEL: Market realities for CSP

  • A sober talk about the realistic possibilities of CSP with the best minds in the business!
  • What does this technology actually cost? How realistic are PPA promises and how can you mitigate risk if CSP’s value is ambiguous?
  • Hear what CSP companies are really going to be able to sell power for and what the industry should be aiming to offer utilities
  • CSP throughout the US – are certain markets oversaturated and where are the most promising opportunities in the US?

Dan Kabel, President and CEO, Acciona Solar Power Inc.
Arnold Leitner
, CEO, Skyfuel
Rainer Aringhoff
, President, Solar Millennium
Mark Rawson
, Project Manager, SMUD
Rob Morgan
, Executive Vice President, Ausra
Terry Murphy
, President and CEO, SolarReserve
Session moderated by: Mark Mehos, Principal Program Manager, Concentrating Solar Power, NREL


Portable Oil Testing Station – Solar Field Commissioning And Testing

  • Hear how Consortium Cobra-SENER developed Portable Oil Testing Stations in order to evaluate the efficiency of the solar field during its construction
  • Discover how this innovative concept allows the operation of parabolic trough loops independently from the rest of the field and how the control system effectively modifies the flow and the cooling load in order to maintain the inlet and outlet temperatures
  • Understand a meteorological station can be connected easily to the control system in order to calculate online the loop efficiency
  • Evaluate how this system was used for Andasol I to test the solar collectors in the field and to assess different control strategies. Evaluate real test data and take away crucial lessons for your plant!

José C Martin, CEO, SENER Engineering and Systems, Inc


Molten Salt Storage – The Best Option?

  • Understand the safety measures and risk management issues of molten salt thermal storage
  • Hear how to recover from leaks and gain insight into decommissioning at the end of project life
  • Learn how molten salt boosts power output to meet peak demands and take away valuable lessons for application on your own plant!
  • Evaluate the value of dispatchability for grid and transmission capacity applications
  • Assess the financial cost and benefit of thermal storage

Bill Gould, Chief Technology Officer, SolarReserve




Thermal Energy Storage


Thermal Energy Storage (TES) can store energy for shifting its delivery to a later time, or for smoothing out the plant output during intermittently cloudy weather conditions

  • Evaluate solid media, liquid media and latent heat storage to identify the best options for your plant
  • What is TES? Identify the storage systems that are currently under consideration for R&D and commercial applications
  • Discuss whether there is a need for TES and evaluate the best ways to achieve it!
  • Understand what storage media costs in dollars per kilogram, and how you can get true ROI
  • Hear an honest evaluation of existing TES systems in solar thermal plants – how long is the storage for? What can we achieve?

Babul Patel, Senior Consultant, Nexant Shannon Moore, Consultant, Nexant


Winning PPAs -- Tips to Working with Utilities

  • RPS Legislation and valuing renewable resources
  • Comparing CSP against other renewables
  • Specific challenges and opportunities for CSP

Les Sherman (Moderator), Partner, Orrick

Hal LaFlash, Director, Emerging Clean Technology Policy, PG&E

Jeffrey G. Reed, Director of Strategic Development, SDG&E

Laura Genao, Manager, Reg. & Leg. Affairs Renewable and Alternative Power, SCE




Your Transmission Capacity – A Bright Or Bleak Prospect?

  • Get insight into the Strategic Transmission Roadmap. What is the overall long term plan for N orth America? Hear from the experts on the plan to build out existing transmission corridors to the best extent possible and utilize high voltage DC transmission lines – what could this means for your project?
  • Discuss constrained transmission corridors and existing bulk transmission systems not originally designed for renewable resources and hear about challenges when solar sites are not located close to existing transmission lines
  • Discover how the transmission interconnection process works and what you need to take into account when connecting your CSP plant to the grid
  • Find out about CAISO Generation Interconnection Process Reform, transmission queue processes, site control and network services issue
  • Get the latest information on transmission initiatives such as the California Renewable Energy Transmission Initiative (RETI) and fully understand the roles of the WGA, WREZ and the WECC for ultimate transmission success!

Bob Stewart, Senior Director – Transmission, BrightSource Energy


A Holistic Approach To CSP Transmission

  • Hear about the WGA effort to identify the best zones in the west for large-scale solar development, and understand why transmission capabilities are crucial when siting projects
  • Discover the importance of responsibly protecting lands and wildlife and how you match up to transmission and renewable energy recommendations along these lines
  • Understand the DOE/DOI West-wide energy corridor initiative and its relationship to connecting the best solar to the power grid – find out what’s key when taking your project forward

Tom Darin, Staff Attorney – Energy Transmission, Western Resource Advocates


Regional Transmission Overview

  • Discover why states are looking for new ways to build transmission lines – especially for renewable energy
  • Hear about the structure, mission and accomplishments of authorities who are leading the way

Charles Benjamin, Director – Nevada Office, Western Resource Advocates




Transmission Requirements – A Case Study

  • Hear a step by step transmission case study from Arizona Public Service
  • Assess potential renewable resources in Arizona and convert this wealth of information and experience into successful plant siting and transmission capabilities for your plant
  • Hear how potential transmission configuration can deliver the renewable resources to the load centers in Arizona and why this is so crucial for your project success
  • Understand how potential transmission additions will be developed for the Southwest area
  • Hear about the importance of effective Power Flow Studies based on transmission alternatives and walk away with comprehensive knowledge of transmission planning from a utility perspective

Peter Krzykos, Transmission Planning & Engineering Supervisor, Arizona Public Service


A Case Study From Ausra - A Project Under Construction


Rob Morgan, Executive Vice President, Ausra


Hawes Associates

"BO KNOWS SOLAR! - The Knowledge Perspective in building your team.

Christopher Hawes, Managing Partner, Hawes Partners


Business card swap session



End of Day One

Day 1 | Day 2

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Day Two – October 1st


Breakfast Roundtables

  • ITCs – what impact will this have on
  • CSP’s future?
  • Land, water and licensing – what are the
  • key considerations when choosing a site
  • for your plant?
  • Working with EPCs – shared experiences
  • in how to work together effectively
  • Storage – what will this mean for CSP?
  • Technology assessment – what’s the
  • best system for your plant?
  • Pricing – realistic discussions on costeffective
  • predictions of the worth of
  • your plant
  • Cost reduction – how to save on
  • components throughout the CSP cycle
  • Regulation – what impact will policy have on CSP in the coming years?



A Publicly-Owned Electric Utility View of CSP Technologies

  • Understand key drivers for CSP including renewables portfolio standard (RPS), climate change regulations, and rising fossil fuel prices
  • See how CSP compares with other renewable energy technologies and ensure your case for CSP is up to scratch
  • Evaluate the ability of CSP to meet even peak loads without major transmission upgrades & provide dispatchability

Michael DeAngelis, Manager, SMUD

11:30 CSP Market Deficiencies from a Developers Point of View

Rainer Aringhoff, President, Solar Millennium


Renewable Energy & Climate Change


V. John White, Executive Director, CEERT


Tax Credit Update

  • Update on the status of ITC Legislation and how these proposals will impact CSP projects
  • Look at IRS N otice 2008-60 and evaluate whether Solar should expect a similar ruling along with the potential impact
  • Fully understand Federal Climate Change Legislation and how proposals will impact CSP projects
  • Ascertain the impact of Major State Climate Change programs including RGGI and go away with knowledge to aid you going forwards in your business

Michael Bernier, Tax Credit Investment Advisory Services, Ernst & Young




CSP's Role In A Diverse Portfolio Of Clean Generating Technologies

  • Fully understand the realistic benefits of CSP to utilities and get the very latest on the technologies under contract in the US today!
  • Hear a strategic discussion on the issues affecting CSP growth, and leave with a comprehensive understanding of what these challenges mean for you
  • Make sure your project is ready for utility buy-in as soon as possible so you can begin maximising your return on investment immediately

Hal LaFlash, Director - Emerging Clean Technology Policy, Pacific Gas & Electric


Dealing With Environmental Concerns From a Developers Angle

  Kevin Swartz, President, Solel Solar Systems

A Regulatory Update


Update on California state law and policy as it relates to CSP. Much has happened in this field over the last year and there are many potentially important policy developments in the pipeline that may impact CSP projects including:


State regulatory update (SB 1036, SB 411, AB 32 Scoping Plan)

Ballot initiatives (Prop 7, the Solar & Clean Energy Act of 2008)

Tam Hunt, Energy Program Director, Community Environmental Council





Dramatic Cost Reductions with New Materials and Designs


Arnold Leitner, CEO, SkyFuel Inc


Integrated Solar Combined Cycle Plants And CSP

  • Discover how CC power increases CSP efficiency by 1% and reduces CSP installation costs per MW
  • Hear what makes a good match for CC plant integration with CSP and understand how CSP can add to CC plants during high demand periods
  • See how you can improve CSP output efficiency in combination with CC plants
  • Understand how water and interconnection issues are already solved in CC as CSP can be integrated into existing plants

Geoff Baxter, Project Manager, Worley Parsons


Opportunities In MicroCSP Markets


With short project timelines and quick paybacks, on-site concentrated solar power systems are becoming a larger area of attention. This session will discuss potential markets for MicroCSP technologies, challenges faced by these unique applications and growth potential.

Darren Kimura, CEO, Sopogy



Siting For CSP Projects: Avoiding The Devil In The Details

  • Draw upon lessons learned from the wind industry, explore what it takes to find the right site for a CSP plant
  • Identify expensive and fatal flaws in the origination phase and learn how to avoid them
  • Get the hottest information on topics including county/ state permitting, water issues, military restrictions and transmission

Mark Tholke, Director, Utility-Scale Solar Development, Enxco


Siting, Permitting And Strategy


Brian Kunz, Vice President for Development, NextLight Renewable Power


An EPC Contractor’s Key Points For Concentrated Solar Power


Lauren Engineers & Constructors is a full-scope EPC heavy industrial contractor, responsible for the EPC work of Nevada Solar I

  • Take a step-by-step journey along the EPC road to success, covering key points such as integrated project delivery, contracting models, the design process, site selection, piping, and equipment selection
  • Understand the complications of a large scale project, overcoming hurdles in order to effectively manage your plant end-to-end
  • Hear about Lauren’s experiences and get the very latest tips on how to minimize project hitches and start producing power, fast!

Ron Johnson, Vice President – Project Management, Lauren Engineers and Constructors, Inc
Clint Rosenbaum, Vice President – Engineering, Lauren Engineers and Constructors, Inc

End of Day Two

Day 1 | Day 2

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