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CSP Today USA 2014 8th Concentrated Solar Thermal Power Conference & Expo 5-6 June 2014, Las Vegas

Capitalize on your solar expertize through discussion with industry heavyweights in the agenda below

CSP Today USA 2014 is bringing you a carefully constructed agenda focusing on the market questions which hamper the CSP industry in the United States so you can effectively plan future strategy and maximize growth

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Please take a look below at the key issues which will be tackled by high calibre speakers during the two day event

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DAY ONE: June 5th

Flying ducks, power towers and night-time solar: CSP’s role in the South-West’ s energy mix

8:45-10am Advancing the case for CSP by understanding the incentives for effective grid integration

  • Understand how the unique value of CSP is being increasingly recognized by grid regulators who are now having to contend with instability caused by PV and wind integration
  • Identify low conflict routes for transmission in the U.S. South West to minimize project delays which can be caused by environmental impact
  • Get to grips with federal orders which provide storage incentives in order to take advantage of state initiatives which aid CSP’s connection to the grid

John Norris, Commissioner, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
Adam Danise, Electrical Engineer, Public Utilities Commission of Nevada
Carl Zichella, Director of Western Grid Transmission, Natural Resources Defense Council
Mark Rothleder, VP Market Quality and Renewable Integration, California Independent Systems Operator

10:00am-11:15 Using CSP’s storage to get new projects procured

  • In the long running PV vs CSP debate hear what role elements such as storage and plant capacity factor will play in the decision on which renewable technology to procure
  • In the race to fulfil California’s 1.3GW storage requirement understand what factors utilities are monitoring which will give CSP the edge over competitor technologies
  • Learn what distinguishes a CSP contract from other forms of generation and how storage is factored into a PPA to allow for CSP’s unique value proposition

Moderated by Mike Taylor, Director of Research, Solar Electric Power Association
Barbara Doble, Manager Renewable Energy Procurement, NV Energy
Brad Albert, General Manager Strategic Planning, Arizona Public Service
James Avery, Senior Vice President, San Diego Gas & Electric
Elaine Sison-Lebrilla, Senior Project Manager, Sacramento Municipal Utility District

11:15-11:45am Networking Coffee Break & Exhibition

11:45-1:15pm Plant analysis - Solana & Crescent Dunes

Crescent Dunes - A custom tower storage project , a model for the future?

  • SolarReserve’s CEO Kevin Smith presents on the world’s largest tower facility with storage to reveal how CSP’s dispatchable value can be capitalized upon to secure a lucrative PPA
  • Hear NV Energy discuss the significance of 11 hours of storage capacity to identify the role of CSP’s dispatchability in meeting their high night time demand curve for years to come
  • Get updated on the current status of the plant to see the key lessons learned and how SolarReserve are using this experience to increase their project pipeline at home and abroad

Kevin Smith, CEO, SolarReserve
Barbara Doble, Manager Renewable Energy Procurement, NV Energy

Solana - demonstrating why storage is key to the U.S. South West

  • From shifting electrical production and meeting demand, to offering vital grid capabilities - hear APS discuss the key benefits of Solana and why integrating storage is key to signing future PPAs
  • Understand the benefits of 6 hours of storage capacity, in the world’s largest parabolic trough plant, looking at the impact on overall generation and LCOE
  • Delve down into the challenges that were overcome at Solana and how Abengoa are using this experience to streamline their project development strategy in the U.S. and abroad

Hank Price, CTO, Abengoa
Brad Albert, General Manager - Resource Management, Arizona Public Service

1:15-2:45pm Lunch

2:45-3:30pm Ivanpah - Rearranging the supply chain to cut costs and improve efficiencies

  • Make sure you are the first to hear early performance reviews of the world’s largest solar thermal plant so you can assess if utility scale tower technology is the future
  • Analyze the technological evolution which occurred to make this project viable and how BrightSource Energy are using their expertize to win lucrative projects in emerging markets
  • From tower height and heliostat numbers, to on-going O&M, explore the impact of Ivanpah on future tower technology and how costs are being cut to improve competiveness

Jason Trubey, Ivanpah Warranty Manager, BrightSource Energy
Mitch Samuelian, Plant Manager Ivanpah, NRG Energy

3:30-4:45 Navigating environmental conflicts in project planning

  • Don’t let project permitting be the death of your project - hear from the CEC who will detail the difficulties in navigating the California Environmental Quality Act
  • Gain the perspective of the Fish and Wildlife Service so you can mitigate the potential environmental impacts of your project to get an efficient route to project permitting
  • Hear a detailed review of the National Historic Preservation Act Section 106 which directly outlines what criteria your project must fulfil in order to be permitted
  • Enhance your understanding of the BLM’s Solar PEIS which is providing an easier route to project development so you can have a respite from complex planning issues

David Hochschild, Commissioner, California Energy Commission
John Eddins, Program Analyst, Advisory Council on Historic Preservation
Eric Davis, Assistant Regional Director, Fish and Wildlife Service
Tim Smith, District Manager, Bureau of Land Management

4:45 - 5:15pm Networking Coffee Break & Exhibition

5:15-6pm Maximize federal incentives for project development

  • Understand  the latest technological developments being funded by the Loan Guarantee Program with its recent $8 billion solicitation
  • Assess the federal tax incentives available and the current best practice in constructing a PPA so you are not incurring a single cent of unnecessary project cost

Douglas Schultz, Director of Loan Guarantee Origination, Department of Energy
John Marciano III, Partner, Chadbourne & Parke

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DAY TWO: June 6th

Clean, green and durable, why the time is now right for CSP to be exported globally

8:45- 10:00am Exporting American expertize, experience and engineering [PANEL]

  • Get insight from experienced financers and global trade experts who will validate the business case for moving into new markets
  • Experts from the Export-Import Bank of the United States and Union Bank will detail the construction of project finance in Saudi Arabia and India where financial instruments differ
  • International trade heavyweights from the Department of Commerce, ACORE and PwC will address the potential advantages and disadvantages of partnering with local firms to facilitate international development

Adam O'Malley, Director of the Office of Energy and Environmental Industries, International Trade Administration - Department of Commerce
Rolf Gibbels, Global Industry Solutions Leader/Executive Board Member, IBM/American Council on Renewable Energy
Rob Guthrie, Senior Business Development Officer, Export-Import Bank of the United States
Brian Carey, U.S. Cleantech Advisory Leader, Pricewaterhouse Coopers
Thomas Burr, Global Trade Manager, Union Bank

10:00-11:15am Capitalize on CSP's hybrid potential

A case study in exporting CSP: Boosters and Fresnel technology

  • Use a case study example of U.S. modelled CSP technology which has been exported to India as a template for exporting your technology into new markets
  • Understand the cost and technological advantages of Fresnel CSP technology compared to tower and trough in supplying the needs of the U.S. South-West
  • See the potential for the future deployment of CSP as a booster to natural gas plants as CSP’s flexible hybrid potential means it is in demand in emerging markets

Jayesh Goyal, Global Vice President - Sales, AREVA Solar
Mark Mansfield, Vice President, Energy Resources, Tucson Electric Power

Capitalize on CSP's hybrid potential

  • Analyze the megawatt-scale potential of CSP hybridization in the United States by looking at existing fossil fuel power options and the cost projections for years to come
  • Hear SMUD discuss their hybrid project, which has the potential to intertwine CSP’s future with natural gas for cost effective deployment

Bud Beebe, Senior Project Manager, Sacramento Municipal Utility District
Daryl Brown, Senior Staff Engineer, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

11:15-11:45am Coffee Break

11:45-12:15pm Increasing efficiency and reducing cost by supply chain optimization through a collaborative approach [PANEL]

  • Learn from experience from recent projects, about what is the current state of the supply chain and where efficiencies be improved
  • Hear how technology providers and manufacturers can collaborate towards component standardization to speed up project execution and guarantee project quality
  • Understand whether construction systems should be led or should its parts be managed in a bid to streamline the complex subcontract culture of CSP plants
  • Analyze which approach is best for the optimal delivery of CSP projects: Collaboration versus competition or consolidation versus diversification?

Reza Zarif, Director of Strategy, Primoris Renewables
Jesús Cuchet, USA Business Development, SENER
Tushar Shahane, CEO, Lauren Bharat Engineers Private

12:15 - 1pm Storage technology for the next generation of CSP plants

  • Analyze the impact of recent advances in storage technology and see how you can implement this R&D into an unbeatable project proposition
  • Understand the technical challenges which go with working with storage technologies which will allow you to develop the most efficient storage system possible

José Manuel Suárez, R&D Director, ACS Cobra

1:00 - 2:30pm Lunch

2:30pm - 3:30pm Leverage U.S expertise on desert plant operation for international markets

  • Gauge how U.S. O&M innovation has allowed plants to prosper in desert conditions and are now in a position to act as a model for the MENA region as it chooses CSP to solve its energy needs
  • See how the latest forecasting technology can allow you to increase efficiency by as much as 10% and keep your plant at peak performance
  • The emergence of high efficiency, low water use cleaning technologies are essential for CSP to prosper in desert conditions - evaluate the technologies which can provide this low impact

Mitch Samuelian, Plant Manager Ivanpah, NRG Energy
Hendrik F. Hamann, Research Manager, IBM

3:30- 5:00pm Leading the way: The cutting edge research separating American CSP from the rest of the field

  • Review developments in supercritical Co2 as NREL work to lower CSP’s LCOE through gains in high temperature efficiencies
  • Take in expert guidance on receiver component design in order to optimize the next generation of CSP plants
  • Secure your efficiency gains by hearing the latest research into high temperature material innovation which will allow your plant to function at maximum efficiency
  • Get the latest in dry cooling technological developments which can address the high capital cost and degraded performance of traditional dry cooling methods in plant maintenance

Michael Wagner, Mechanical Engineer (Supercritical Co2 Receiver), National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Subhash Shinde, Manager, Sandia National Laboratories

Jean-Paul Crouzoulon, Project Director and VP of ManufacturingAreva Solar

Chris Martin, Research Engineer, Energy & Environmental Research Center
Matthew Gray, Scientist (High Temperature Applications), National Renewable Energy Laboratory

5pm Goodbye Coffee

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Expert speakers include:
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Arizona Public Service
NV Energy
International Trade Administration -Department of Commerce
Union Bank
Chadbourne & Parke
Primoris Renewables
Sandia National Labs
American Council on Renewable Energy
Sacramento Municipal Utility District
Fish and Wildlife Service
Bureau of Land Management
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Public Utilities Commission of Nevada
Energy & Environmental Research Center
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