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This is a great event to present ourselves, our company and to see what our competitors are doing.

Torsten Andersch
Global Director of Business Development
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Timed Agenda

CSP Today

June 22nd

8 – 9 pm Pre Registration for Site Visit

June 23rd

CSP Kimberlina Site Visit
Depart for Kimberlina - 6am
Return to San Francisco – 8pm

DAY 1 – June 24th

6am Registration Opens

7am - Bechtel EPC Breakfast Workshop

A Bechtel project management team is hosting an exclusive one-hour breakfast workshop focused on the best practices associated with building utility-scale CSP facilities in the power generation industry. They will cover topics ranging from Development and Permitting Support; to Engineering, Procurement, and Construction of CSP facilities in today's market. Bechtel is one of the world's premier engineering, construction, and project management companies. Bechtel is currently performing project management, engineering, procurement, construction, and startup services for the Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating Facility in San Bernardino County, California. The 400 megawatt CSP facility consists of three separate plants scheduled to come on line in 2013.

8.55 - Chairmans Welcoming Speech

Dr. Thomas R. Mancini. Concentrating Solar Power. Program Manager. Sandia National Laboratories

9.00am - CSP Leaders Perspectives

  • A detailed guide to the advances of the CSP industry in the last 12 months
  • The CSP industry 'to do' list - understand the primary challenges all players must address if the industry is to continue to thrive and grow - including; raising efficiency, reducing costs and scaling up production
  • Beyond subsidies and feed in tariffs - see realistic projections of grid parity
  • Take away each experts own assessment of the most exciting short and longer term commercial CSP opportunities
  • Moderator: Dr. Thomas R. Mancini. Concentrating Solar Power. Program Manager. Sandia National Laboratories
  • Mike Taylor, Director of Research, SEPA
  • José Alfonso Nebrera, President, ESTELA
  • Luis Crespo, Secretary General, Protermosolar
  • Cedric Philibert, Senior Consultant, International Energy Agency

10.30am - Siemens tailor-made "sun to energy" solutions

Reducing CSP plant LCOE with precise engineering, synergies and R&D

Eli Lipmann, Vice President, R&D, Siemens Concentrated Solar Power

Daniel Duncan, Vice President & General Manager, Siemens Energy, Inc.


11.00am - Coffee break

11.30am - Solar Trust of America: Powering America's Future

An inside look at the ambitious solar power plants development and construction projects underway in California and Nevada as Solar Trust of America and U.S. development subsidiary Solar Millennium, LLC advance their nine proposed projects in both states. The presentation will feature our global business partners and breakthrough HelioTrough parabolic trough collector technology, which is a finalist for two CSP Today awards

Uwe T. Schmidt, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Solar Trust of America, LLC

11.45am CSP Project Development Overview: Updates and Expectations for the US

  • Get a more in-depth look on the current CSP project development status in the US, understand why projects are stalled and what needs to be done to get them in the ground
  • Find out how many CSP projects have been cancelled and how many are moving forwards
  • Discover what project deals have been made in 2009/2010? What's in the pipeline and when we can expect projects to start moving again as market conditions improve

          Moderator: Mike Taylor, Director of Research, SEPA

  • Fred Morse, Senior Advisor of US Operations, Abengoa S.A
  • Ray Brady, Manager, Bureau of Land Management
  • Frank Wilkins, Solar Thermal R&D Team Leader, U.S Department of energy
  • Eileen Allen, Manager, Siting and compliance officer, California Energy Commission

- A brief note from SkyFuel's new CEO Rick LeBlanc


- Helio focus

- Schlumberger Water Services

- Saint Gobain Solar Glass

- Yokogawa Electric Corporation

- Babcock & Wilcox

- Wika Instrument Corp

- TEI Struthers Wells

1.00pm - Lunch

2.30pm - Two Track Split

Track One – Regulation, Certification, Legislation & Finance

2.30pm - The Department Of Energy Loan Guarantee Programme

  • Understand how the loan guarantee program works, it's role in stimulating investments in renewables like solar and who should apply
  • Get a glimpse of the application review process and hear about improvements that will help accelerate the number of conditional commitments
  • Discover why some applications make it through the process while others don’t
  • Find out why being "shovel-ready" can secure you that all important government financial support

Bill Miller, Program Manager - Solar Generation, DOE Loan Guarantee Program Office

3.00PM - Bureau of Land Management - Regulation & Permitting of CSP development

  • Your exclusive guide to the permitting process for CSP in the US, understand what permits you need and how to obtain them
  • Discover what The BLM has in the pipeline for Concentrated Solar Power development in the solar zones
  • Evaluate and analyse the BLM's Fast Track scheme and what this means for CSP development

Ray Brady, Manager, Bureau of land management


4.00pm - Securing a Power purchase agreement for your CSP project

  • PPAs are a key to financing and developing your project discover what you need to do in order to secure a power purchase agreement in partnership with a utility
  • Find out which utilities are excited to work with CCSP and get the latest on how they will be pushing forward with installation projects
  • Meet their needs - understand what utilities want most from their CSP partners so that you can build long term winning relationships and position your CSP business for future success

Michael DeAngelis, Manager, AR&DGT Program, Sacramento Municipal Utility District
Todd Glass, Partner, WSGR

4.30PM - Investor Perspectives on Financing of CSP Projects

  • Find out what banks perceive as a feasible project - and if your project is financeable
  • Hear about the World Bank's work financing CSP projects in developing countries
  • Learn what project types venture capitalists are currently favoring - and why
  • Key insight into the state of the tax equity market: Who's still in the space and what other tax equity sources are available to you?
  • Get up to speed with the latest developments in the public capital markets and what opportunities are available for solar companies
  • Moderator: Tom Glascock, Partner, Orrick
  • Charles de Rancher, Origination & Structured Finance / Americas, Espirito Santo Investment
  • Mit Buchanan, Managing Director, Energy Investments, JP Morgan Capital Corporation
  • Melisa Lewis Wilson, Senior Vice President, Union Bank
  • Jon Bonanno, CIO, Sustainable Power Assets
  • James King, SVP, Head of Structured Credit Americas, BayernLB New York

5.30pm - International Energy Agencies Road-map for CSP

Cedric Philibert, Senior Consultant, International Energy Agency

TRACK TWO – Engineering, Procurement, Construction & Project Development

Track Moderator: Bryan. P. Fortay, Executive Vice President, Broadlands Financial Group

2.30PM - The CSP Project Life Cycle: an EPC's Insight

  • Project Development and Finance
    • Project Finance - the importance of reputation, balance sheet, and credit rating
    • Cycle Optimization - lowering capital cost and levelized cost of electricity
    • Project Certainty -lump sum turnkey price with schedule and performance guarantees
  • Project Execution
    • Detailed Design - technology integration, constructability and reliability
    • Procurement - leveraging the global supply chain
    • Construction - labor posture, resource availability and safety
    • Project Management - controlling cost, schedule and quality Life After Startup
    • Operations and maintenance - maintaining output and profitability

Brad Friesen, Vice President, Renewables Business Line, Fluor

3.00PM - Solar savings - ways to cut the cost of CSP plants

  • Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) for solar - discover the key differences between solar EPC and EPC in other energy markets, and how EPC's can help you to significantly reduce your costs
  • Cost cutting tips - how to increase efficiency, scale up effectively and how to stretch loan terms as far as possible to lower the cost of financing
  • Receivers, mirrors, heliostats, thermal fluid, trackers and other key components - discover the latest technological breakthroughs that can significantly reduce your costs
  • Economies of scale and technological developments - how size and R&D can contribute to cost reduction
  • Sun, Land and Water: Ways to reduce costs of the third natural resource development in CSP development.

          Moderator: Bryan. P. Fortay, Executive Vice President, Broadlands Financial Group

  • Kelly Beninga, Global Director, Renewable Energy, Worley Parsons
  • Allan D. Bennett, VP, Solar Market Development, Hydro Aluminium Extrusion Americas
  • Michael Magdich, General Manager Solar - CSP, Guardian Industries
  • James M. Oliver, R.G., Power Sector Leader, Schlumberger Water Services


4.30 PM - Project Development Challenges & Opportunities

  • Exclusive insight and lessons learnt from developers who actually have steel in the ground and are producing energy
  • Life cycle costs and performance - find out how much it really costs to run and maintain a CSP plant and analyse the durability, maintenance and efficiency issues that will affect every element of your site
  • Learn about new exciting technologies such as multi-towers and the new trough technology that will help slash the cost of your solar field
  • Tower, PT, Dish, Fresnel and multi-tower...will they all co-exist or will there be a clear winner in the technology battle over time?
  • Bankable and non-bankable technologies - what are banks looking for and what can be done to turn a non-bankable technology into a positive asset that can actually help you secure funding

           Moderator: Bryan. P. Fortay, Executive Vice President, Broadlands Financial Group

  • José Alfonso Nebrera, CEO, ACS Cobra
  • Gilbert E. Cohen, Senior Vice President, Acciona
  • Jose Martin, CEO, SENER
  • Charlie Ricker, Senior Vice President of Business Development, Brightsource Energy


Molten Salt Storage - A Spanish Case Study

  • Hear from ACS Cobra about there experience using molten salt storage on their Andasol 1 CSP plant
  • Evaluate the challenges they faced such as corrosion, salt freezing and other costly problems and discover how they overcame them
  • Is Molten Salt storage the right solution for your plant? Discover how it works and how much it costs to set-up and maintain from the people who really know

Fernando Herranz, Business Development Manager, ACS Cobra

Networking Drinks Reception & 1st US CSP Today Awards Ceremony

Day One Ends

DAY 2 – June 25th

Chairman's Welcome: Dr. Thomas R. Mancini. Concentrating Solar Power. Program Manager. Sandia National Laboratories

8.30 am - Global Concentrated Solar Thermal Power Industry Overview

  • Get an exclusive overview of the market challenges and opportunities for concentrated solar thermal Globally
  • Understand the latest projects in the pipeline for CSP around the world as well as those currently under construction
  • Discover which markets hold the most promise now and in the future, as well which specific global regions policy, legislation and financing best support CSP

          Moderator: Dr. Thomas R. Mancini. Concentrating Solar Power. Program Manager. Sandia National Laboratories

  • Nathaniel Bullard, Senior Analyst, New Energy Finance - (US)
  • Luis Crespo, Secretary General, Protermosolar - (Spain)
  • Daniel Calderon, Investment Manager, Masdar - (MENA)
  • Shirish Giraud, Co-ordinator, The Energy and Resources Institute- (India)
  • Adrian Panow, Director Energy Investment, Dept of primary industries - (Australia)

9.30am - Overcoming transmission obstacles to CSP development in the US

  • Evaluate and Analyze the key issues in connecting Concentrated Solar Power to the grid system
  • Understand the current and projected expansion plans of the existing grid to support the development of CSP in the US
  • Hear about the lessons learned and challenges overcome when integrating solar energy into system operation for the first time

           Moderator: Jim Baak, Policy Director for Utility Scale Solar, Vote Solar

  • Arthur Haubenstock, Chief Counsel and Director of Regulatory Affairs, Brightsource Energy
  • Grant Rosenblum, Regulatory Counsel, California Independent System Operators
  • Marc Spitzer, Commissioner, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
  • Theresa Williams, Special Project Manager, Transmission infrastructure program, Western Area Power Administration

10.30am - Coffee break

11.00 - CSP and Environmental Issues

  • Environmental Siting Principles for Large Scale Energy Projects
  • Embracing NEPA and Your Environmental Partners
  • Notes From the Field: An Environmentalists View
  • Utility Scale Solar and the Environment: Collaboration to Avoid Conflict
  • A Collaborative Approach to Environmental Mitigation in Nevada
  • Moderator: Carl Zichella, Director of Western Renewable Energy Programs, Sierra Club
  • Nada Culver, Senior Counsel, The Wilderness Society
  • Johanna Wald, Senior Attorney, Natural Resources Defense Council
  • Jordan Macknick, Energy and Environmental Analyst, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • Jim Baak, Policy Director for Utility Scale Solar, Vote Solar

12.00 - DOE Solar Technologies Program CSP Solar Demonstration Project RFI

  • Hear about the DOE's Demonstration Zone Project, created to facilitate the development of a cluster of projects in the Southwest that "showcase" advanced new technologies
  • Learn how the DOE intend to how we intend to operate the project and how they will reach their ultimate goal of 1 GW deployed of new CSP technology.
  • Discover how this project will provide technical and financial validation sufficient for CSP to attract conventional financing

Mark W Lausten, DOE Solar Technologies Office, US Department of Energy

12.30pm - Lunch


TRACK ONE – CSP Technology

Moderator: Fred Morse, Senior Advisor of US Operations, Abengoa S.A

2.00pm - HelioTrough: The Next Generation in Parabolic Trough Collector Technology

Flagsol GmbH, the parabolic trough technology subsidiary of Solar Trust of America's global business partner, Solar Millennium AG, has been actively developing the next generation in parabolic trough collector technology. Dr. Ulf Herrmann, Chief Engineer for Flagsol GmbH and CEO of Flagsol, LLC, will present an overview of the breakthrough technology's development, key features and performance improvements as it completes testing at a customer location in California. The state-of-the-art HelioTrough technology is a finalist for two CSP Today awards.

Dr. Ulf Herrmann, Chief Engineer, Flagsol GmbH
Chief Executive Officer, Flagsol, LLC

2.15pm - Parabolic Trough collectors - Nevada Solar One Case Study

  • Lessons learned from in the field, learn what the ideal plant size is for minimizing thermal heat loss
  • How much it really costs to run and maintain a CSP plant?
  • Durability, how long will the mirrors last? As well as maintenance and efficiency issues that will affect every element of your site

Gilbert. E. Cohen, Senior Vice President, Acciona

2.45pm - Compact Linear Fresnel Reflector (CLFR) - Kimberlina Case Study

  • Exclusive performance data from Ausra's 5MW plant, the first CSP plant in California for 20 years
  • Get an overview of the plant design and understand the advantages Ausra's linear Fresnel technology
  • Learn about the challenges Ausra faced in the development of the plant and take away best practices to implement yourself

Dr. Bill Conlon, VP, Engineering, AREVA Solar

3.15pm - Case Study from Spain: Torresol Energies 17MW Gemasolar Plant

  • Exclusive insight into the Gemasolar plant design and perceived advantages with regard to other CSP concepts
  • Hear a report on the construction status of the plant and lessons learnt up to now
  • Evaluate and analyze future plans for expansion

Mercedes Sierra, VP Business Development, SENER Engineering and Systems

3.45pm - Coffee break

4.15pm - Dish Stirling

  • Exclusive update on dish stirling technology breakthroughs and in the field performance data
  • The latest efficiency breakthroughs, and gain a comprehensive understanding of how this technology can cater to both utility and distributed models
  • Gain insight into the solar one and solar two dish stirling projects and find out what projects are in the pipeline and market outlook for dish stirling in the future

Sean Gallagher, Market Strategy & Regulatory Affairs, Stirling Energy Systems

4.45 - Panel session roundup

  • CSP Technology in Depth - Costs, Performance and Picking Long-Term Winners
  • From new startups to established technology models, get the very latest on what will give your project the edge over the competition.
  • Discuss the latest designs, installations, costs and maintenance issues and discover which technology is most compatible with and sustainable for your CSP project.
  • Hear from representatives from parabolic trough technology to dish stirling, and understand the pros and cons of plant design, installation and operations and maintenance
  • Gilbert. E. Cohen, Senior Vice President, Acciona
  • Sean Gallagher, Market Strategy & Regulatory Affairs, Stirling Energy Systems
  • Mercedes Sierra, VP Business Development, SENER Engineering and Systems
  • Craig Smith, VP, Global Technology Sales, AREVA Solar 
  • Andrew McMahan, Vice President of Technology, SkyFuel

TRACK TWO – Thermal Storage#

Moderator: Craig S. Turchi, PhD, Concentrating Solar Power Program, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

2.00PM - The progress and promise of molten salt storage

  • Get and informative look at in the field data from a molten salt storage system and discover what you need to take into consideration when designing and constructing a molten salt storage facility for your plant
  • The associated risks of molten salt storage - find the best approaches to deal with issues such as corrosion, salt freezing and other costly problems
  • Optimize your thermal storage design! From size comparison to realistic costing, get the low-down on how to ensure fast and effective installation of TES for your project

Bill Gould, Chief Technology Officer, Solar Reserve

2.30 - Stone storage for CSP - a new approach

Richard Welle, CTO, Phasiks Inc

3.00pm - Thermal Storage session to be announced


3.30pm - Albiasa Corp - Thermal Storage

- content to be announced

Jesse Tippett, Managing Director, Albiasa Corporation

4.00pm - Thermal Storage Panel Session Round up

Moderator: Craig S. Turchi, PhD, Concentrating Solar Power Program, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Bill Gould, Chief Technology Officer, Solar Reserve

Richard Welle, CTO, Phasiks Inc

Jesse Tippett, Managing Director, Albiasa Corporation

Conference Concludes

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